Happy Holidays! Rehab Housing for Homeless Veterans

I hope everyone had a wonderfully warm and yummy Thanksgiving? Now here we go right into Christmas…No time for pause to catch a breath. Its disgusting. People were foregoing family dinners to stand in line at stores ON Thanksgiving to get those so-called bargains. Bargains, which I am told and I have experienced for myself, are just as easy to obtain and sometimes BETTER from your kitchen table–online! It shouldn’t be allowed! Its bad enough commercialization has totally ripped Christmas to shreds for most of us. Now they don’t even want us to enjoy Thanksgiving!! Retailers should be ashamed at their greed. Most people will buy presents for their loved ones whether its Thanksgiving or Christmas eve. To be pressured into going on one particular day and time and fighting and yelling to get what you want in an angry crowd is just WRONG. I would love to see rebellion! Just don’t do it! I know the stores have to make money and they are all scared that consumers will put their wallets away because the economy is still shaky, but I do not think ruining a traditional holiday like Thanksgiving is the answer. There may be hope yet…

I was never overly excited about the “big box ” stores and their public relations blitz about how they give back to the community, but I will say I am reserving judgement for Home Depot. Their charity for veterans, the Home Depot Foundation is doing wonderful things to -date for our veterans. Swords to Plowshares, a San Francisco-based veteran service agency, is one of many community-based organizations nationwide to receive a grant from The Home Depot Foundation to repair and rehab properties serving veterans and their families.

And there was a recent story on a Parlin, NJ couple in the news that outlined the work that Home Depot’s organization is doing to help those who have served our country and are now in need or have little or nothing by way of housing.

The Home Depot Foundation is committed to ensuring that every U.S. military veteran has a safe place to call home. In April 2011, the Foundation pledged a three-year, $30 million initiative to address veterans’ critical housing needs.

The link is to check them out.  http://homedepotfoundation.org/page/applying-for-a-grant

Their are other local organizations that are committed to helping and using grant money to get veterans safe, warm homes to live in.  Just another example is the link below:


This is a great thing to support. Consider instead of buying a bunch of presents for your family and friends this year…just buy one thing and then donate in their name to a charity like the ones above. Or to the Red Cross for Sandy relief, since those folks are still VERY MUCH in NEED. It will  be a present that will bring a smile to EVERYONE’s face!! And you didn’t have to punch someone out or crawl around on the floor or miss your mom’s turkey dinner to get it! Just sayin…


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