Housing after a Hurricane

This is my first blog on this (or any other subject) so bear with me, please. First of all, I have to say kudos to all my fellow real estate agents who have worked tirelessly here in central NJ to get food, supplies, housing ,generators, and other donations to all those who are in need. There are over 25,000 families at last count that are displaced right now. That doesn’t include the people that have already been placed in rentals or temporary housing since the storm. We are all working to get people into homes as soon as possible. SO the call is out! If anyone has rental property or vacant property that is for sale, please reach out to us (your neighborhood realtor) or my team directly at 732-688-3272 or 908-208-2699 to let us know if you have any available housing (short or long term). Alittle goes along way in this situation.
Those of us who were fortunate and came through with little or no damage or loss should come from a “place of gratitude” and lend a hand to others. It will come back to you ten -fold someday. For those in need; Below are some contact numbers that maybe of help:
*FEMA Disaster recovery number:800-621-3362
*Churchill Corp. Housing (short term) 866-255-0593
*Avalon Apartments 866-864-5075  (Freehold 732-625-2700), Also in Aberdeen.
JCPL emerg. 888-544-4877
JCPL cust svc 800-662-3115
NJ Nat Gas 800-221-0051


In addition the following directive came from the Govorners office regarding Property Tax payments:

On November 9, 2012, Governor Chris Christie signed Executive Order 113 to extend the deadline for fourth quarter property tax payments  in calendar-year (those whose budgets expire on December 31st) and state fiscal year municipalities (those whose budgets expire on June 30th) from November 1st to November 16, 2012. In addition, Executive Order 113 also permits these municipalities to extend this grace period, by adoption of a resolution, to December 31, 2012. The Governor signed this executive order to assist those affected by Hurricane Sandy obtain an extension on their property taxes due by the beginning of November. In addition, under current state law, if a property was destroyed during an event such as Hurricane Sandy, the assessed value of that property could be lowered, which could have an effect on 2013 property tax bills, which are based on a property’s value as of October 1st. However, if the property was destroyed after this time, the assessment can be reduced to reflect the new value of the property. The landowner where the property was located must notify the assessor prior to January 10, 2013, who must then base the assessed value of the property according to its condition as of January 1st.


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