Real Estate Market is HOT! Why are sellers waiting?

AS A REALTOR HERE IN NEW JERSEY, I SEE THE LOCAL REAL ESTATE MARKET GETTING HOT even when its cold. Buyers are still seeking to purchase because of the great rates for mortgages now and the fact that employment is stronger for many. New home buyers are coming out as 20 and 30 somethings decide its time to move out of Mom and Dads house. More established buyers (30’s and 40’s) are moving up to accommodate growing families and some are buying summer or vacation homes or simply relocating for their careers.
Sellers are in the drivers seat now because there is not a lot of inventory to choose from. I am seeing multiple offers on homes newly listed on the multiple listing service often within a week. Sellers who are feeling that they want to get into the market should not WAIT for “the right time”. The time is now. It is better to start the process, get your property the exposure it needs to attract buyers NOW , then wait until- “the weather is better”, ” I find a place to move”, ” my children or family gets on board with the idea”. All those issues will work themselves out while you are moving toward your goal of selling and moving on to whatever new part of your life you are looking for. As a professional in the New Jersey Real Estate market, I can speak from experience that waiting cannot bring the desired results you want. It is frustrating waiting for the “unknown”. It can be detrimental as more homes come on the market creating more competition for your sale. Changing residences is a HUGE step and should be mapped out with great care. Something my team can help with and guide through.
Committing and Making the jump with help and knowledge from the” dock” is always better than finding out you missed the boat when you do finally jump.
My question to all potential sellers– What are the 3 top reasons you are waiting? If you write them down and dissect them, then discuss them with a dedicated professional in the real Estate field– I think you will find they are not reasons at all but excuses.

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